The Busy Person’s Guide to Advent

Advent, which comes from the Latin word for “arrival” or “coming,” begins four Sundays before Christmas.  It is intended to be a period of joyous anticipation and prayerful preparation for Christmas, the great feast of the birth of Jesus, whom Christians call Christ, Emmanuel, and Savior.   Yet, for us, Advent falls smack in the middle of the busy-ness of the end of semester and holiday preparations, which already compete for our limited time and attention.  What to do?  How to slow down?  Where to find time?   Below we offer practical ways to experience the rich beauty of this holy season in our everyday lives.

Advent Meditation Podcasts invite you to enrich your experience of Advent and prepare for Christmas without leaving your desk with reflections by Jesuits on Ignatian Sprituality and the meaning of Advent.

Advent Mornings offers an opportunity to gather with your colleagues to pause and pray at the beginning of the day during this season of beauty with an opportunity for reflection, silence, and prayer.

For more advent resources, including online retreat opportunities, prayers, and weekly meditations, visit:


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