In Their Own Words: BC Student Guest Blogger Lexie Weber Shares Her Thoughts on Prayer

“In Their Own Words,” our Lenten series on prayer, continues this week.  This week we are featuring Lexie Weber, a graduate student studying Higher Education Administration in the Lynch Graduate School of Education.  We asked Lexie to reflect upon the role that prayer plays in her life.  Here’s what she had to say:

In its most basic description, prayer is my continuous conversation with God.  My introduction to prayer started at the Catholic schools I attended while I was growing up.  Prayer was part of the regimented structure of the day—we prayed together in the morning, at lunch, and at the end of the day.  In high school, we began almost every class with a prayer.  Frequent prayer and reflection has continued to be an important component of my faith life.  Now, I find myself praying in a less regimented way, but in a freer manner, as an expression of my faith and my relationship with God.  I often pray on my daily walks to class or work.  On these walks I find myself reflecting on anything from how my day is going to challenging beliefs and ideas that have come up in my classes or in conversations.  Through prayer, I ask God for guidance and strength to live my life according to His will.  I also find myself turning to God in gratitude for the many blessings I have received.  These daily reflections and prayers are often a highlight of my day.

Prayer can also be more complex than a simple conversation.  I believe strongly in the power of prayer, as a source of healing, strength, and tranquility.  Before any challenging task, in school, at work, or in my personal life, I find myself praying for strength and guidance.  I ask God to simply be with me throughout the challenging times and to help me get through them and do my best.  I always feel calmer knowing that God will support me, even though I am often feeling weak, angry, or frustrated.  I believe that prayer can contribute to healing and tranquility of mind, body, and soul.  Prayer is both simple and complex, a beautiful expression of faith in God.


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