A Message from the Vice President


We know that our professional literature and “good practices” standards emphasize the importance of working within the mission of the particular institution in which we are employed.  As an institution animated by the Jesuit-Catholic tradition, Boston College acknowledges the relevance of faith, religion, and spirituality in the life of our community.  Our work as Student Affairs professionals is significantly shaped by this reality – both in the form of structures and practices that ultimately give meaning to our vocational callings.  Consequently, it is important that we continually seek to grow in our understanding of what it might mean to be a Student Affairs professional at a Jesuit-Catholic institution.

To this end, I am pleased to announce that Boston College’s Professional Development Blog for Student Affairs, Partners in Mission, will run a semester-long series examining the Principles of Good Practice for Student Affairs Professionals at Catholic Colleges and Universities.  This series, which will include bi-weekly considerations on the Principles, is meant to serve as a resource for individual and communal reflection on the challenges and opportunities we face in our particular institutional context.

The Principles of Good Practice are meant to ‘provide a framework for reflection and conversation, planning, staff development, and assessment for student affairs professionals who work at Catholic colleges and universities.’

There will be a brief presentation on the Partners in Mission blog and the Principles of Good Practice at our divisional meeting on October 31.  It is hoped that by frequenting the blog and its considerations on the Principles of Good Practice, Boston College’s division of Student Affairs might grow in its understanding of the unique opportunities afforded in student engagement because of our uniquely religiously, faithfully, and spiritually informed heritage.

If you have any questions regarding the Partners in Mission blog or the Principles of Good Practice, please contact the blog’s author, Higher Education graduate student, Peter Hlabse (

I look forward to our considerations and reflections throughout the semester.

Vice President for Student Affairs


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