The mission of the Division of Student Affairs at Boston College is to facilitate student learning and formation in their fullest sense (integrating intellectual, ethical, religious and spiritual, and emotional-social development), promote an inclusive community of engaged learners, and advance the Jesuit, Catholic heritage and values of Boston College.

“Partners in Mission” intends to support the members of the division of student affairs, as we work to advance our mission in the context of our day-to-day work with students.  To that end, the variety of resources gathered together and included in this site aim to assist you in:

  • Learning about the Catholic and Jesuit traditions that inform and enliven our mission.
  • Advancing our mission by applying and integrating this knowledge into your work with students.
  • Joining a rich and enduring conversation known as “the Catholic Intellectual Tradition”- a centuries-old communal search for truth, meaning, and justice – into which you are invited to bring your particular insights, experiences, and intelligence.
  • Nurturing your own spiritual growth and search for meaning, whatever your religious background.

The events highlighted here are invitational, not mandatory.  In consultation with your supervisor, you are encouraged to explore opportunities which are interesting to you and applicable to your work.