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Jesuit Ideals & The ‘Whole Person’

This reflection is written by Jenna Sattar – a first year student in Boston College’s Lynch School of Education’s ‘Higher Education Administration’ MA program.  Jenna is a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Graduate Student Life.

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Hello fellow readers! I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing holiday season, and are energized to start the new semester.  My name is Jenna Sattar, I am a first year Graduate Assistant for the Office of Graduate Student Life here at Boston College, and I am very excited to be a guest writer for the Partners in Mission blog.

In choosing a graduate school, I was very interested in continuing with a Jesuit education to further develop and expand upon what I learned through my Jesuit education at the College of the Holy Cross.  So when I was offered a place here at Boston College, I was excited to take on the challenge of incorporating Jesuit ideals into my assistantship in the Office of Graduate Student Life.

One of my responsibilities is to develop programming for graduate students that addresses their specific needs while reflecting the mission of the college.  In one of our most popular programs, we take the “developing the whole person” piece of the Jesuit tradition pretty literally.

The Office of Graduate Student Life has developed the Whole Person Education Series, which is aimed at graduate students who teach, mentor, and advise undergraduate students. This series of workshops helps graduate students reflect upon how their undergraduate students bring their own intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social experiences and concerns into the classroom. Topics this year have included understanding the many intricacies to the Boston College undergraduate culture, developing and preparing a class to have difficult and controversial yet educational conversations, and seeking out resources for the funding of future research. The workshops take place monthly in the Murray house, and best of all, lunch is provided! Although the program has only been going on for the past few years, it is quickly developing into one of our most popular programs for graduate students.

The most importance take away from the series is the importance of being not just an instructor, but a well-rounded educator.  There are so many unique and important responsibilities that come along with being a teacher, mentor, advisor, or administrator at a Jesuit institution.  We are asked to act and live based on our contemplations and reflections.  We value dialogue and the exploration of new views, cultures, and beliefs.  And most importantly, we challenge our students to act and live the same way.  The Whole Person Education Series gives graduate students an opportunity to develop their students and themselves wholly: intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.

Although I am still finalizing all the details, I am excited to announce that we have two Whole Person workshops already scheduled for the semester. On February 7th, Catherine Ives will be discussing Intellectual Property, and on April 4th, Elise Phillips will be discussing the importance of Health and Wellness.  Please look on our website, for more information as it becomes available! And as always, feel free to contact me at with any questions, or if you’d like to be a facilitator for a Whole Person Education Series Workshop!